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Matejiry International Company is one of the Kuwaiti fast moving consumer goods “FMCG” companies established in 2010.

Our head office is located in AlHamra Tower, Kuwait. Representing 14 courtiers around the world licensed from very top partners and cover a variety of segments in the market.

Matejiry is owned by Mr. Abdullah Malallah. Who believes in the idea of the new lifestyle in products that are used on a daily basis among the FMCG, and saw an opportunity to invest in this field.



We want to shape a better and new way to deliver safely a daily used food and beverage from us to you; this is how we start thinking.


Our values are reflected in the way we do business, and we do act honestly with the lives of our children and we do respect those whom we do business with.


Success generates success. And our success story is a driving force behind our relentless pursuit of expanding our business activities both locally and globally. It started as a one-person dream but soon became a dream for all its employees.


We made a great effort and overcome many challenges; we realized an important fact about ourselves: "We can do anything only if we really wanted to achieve it"


Finally, I would like to emphasize that our customer's trust is the most valuable asset we work with. We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and this is all that we wish for.

Abdullah Mallallah

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Tel. +965 222 222 22

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